Emma Anderson (BBMB’22) – Medical Scribe while applying to medical school.

Junxi Chen (BBMB’22) – Research technician in Seattle.

Martin Alvarez-Kuglen (BBMB’21) – Research Associate at Sanford Burnham Prebys; tech start-up co-founder.

Silas Miller (BBMB’21) – PhD student at University of Wisconsin-Madison; former Beckman Scholar.

Anastasiya Redkina (Bio’21) – Associate Research Technician at Protego Biopharma.

Travis Craven (Bio’21) – M.S. in Biokinesiology at USC.

Han Yu (Bio’20) – synthetic biology research technician at WUSTL.

Calvin Lincoln (Bio’20) – Research Technician at the
University of Missouri .

Yuli Buckley (BBMB’19) – PhD student at Case Western Reserve U in the Biomedical Sciences Training Program.

Micah Rambo (BBMB’19)PhD student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Biomedical Engineering Program.

Will Doucette (BBMB’19)enrolled at University of Pittsburg School of Medicine; previously Research Assistant at Adaptive Biotechnologies.

Kristina Jackson (BBMB ’18) – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Program at UC Davis.

Tristan Cates (BBMB ’18) – Business Development Mgr. at Champions Oncology; MS ESTEEM at U of Notre Dame.

Kathleen Daly-Jensen (BBMB ’18) – enrolled in MD Program at OHSU; 2018 Davis Projects for Peace recipient.

Hannah Klaeser (Biology ’17) – Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Drug Discovery and External Innovation Ferring Pharmaceuticals; MS in Biotechnology at Northwestern U.

Ben Hernried (BBMB’17) – New York Medical College; previously Research Specialist at Johns Hopkins and at Genentech.