IMG_2215A couple times a year I help out with Science Nights at Walla Walla area elementary schools. For the past year, my students and I have been helping kids make “Germination Necklaces” as a way to get them (and their parents!) thinking about some of the properties of seeds and early plant development. The necklaces are made using plastic jewelry bags containing water beads (or cotton/paper towel), seeds (we use corn, beans, peas, and radishes), and a little water. You then seal it up and wear it close to your body (to provide a little warmth!) a few times a day over the next week and the seeds sprout 🙂

IMG_0582This summer I packed the necessary supplies along with me to New Jersey where I shared a demonstration of making germination necklaces with my research collaborators during our annual NSF MaizeAuxRE meeting. My creative and adventurous colleagues in the Nemhauser Lab at UW Seattle then developed a version of germination necklaces to present at the free arts festival in Seattle: festival.festival. Seattle Magazine published an interview with Prof. Nemhauser about this activity and she gave us a shout-out, read about it here!

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